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Subject: Life With a Cat
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<p>Life with a cat is not for the weak. Of all of the creatures on the planet, cats are pretty sure they are royalty. Perhaps their ego comes from being related to The King himself? Yes, surely that's it. Imagine a dialogue with the king that goes something like this: "Your human wants you to sit in their lap? Unheard of!"</p><p>It will make anyone smile to think of a young kitty explaining that it's not that bad and the big cat responding, "Since you are so small, an exception can be made, just be sure your human knows that it is only to be tolerated, not enjoyed!" Isn't that just the way it is? The human comes home from a long day at work expecting to pet Geisha and relax, only to find Her Highness cannot be bothered at the moment. But that proud countenance is just what makes her lovable.</p><p>Life with a cat begins humbly enough with a tiny ball of fur gently suckling her mother. It's amazing to see the silky soft bundle, just itching to hold the mewling creature, an impulse
quickly deterred by a low growl from momma kitty. But soon enough, the little pudgy cat is weaned and ready to accept her human. Oh, yes, the human belongs to her, she is not his pet!</p><p>The human makes an excited trip to the pet store to make sure Geisha has more stuff than anybody ever did! She'll have a kitty condo, a royal pet bed, a designer food bowl, an expensive carrier and all the toys imaginable. One look in those huge green eyes and out comes the plastic. She licks her human's hand lovingly and he simply melts.</p><p>Home at last. The furry bundle takes off like a bullet heading straight for the heirloom drapes that were just hung in the living room. Kitty Olympics here we come! She rounds the coffee table in a mad dash, back feet spinning on the hardwood floor... will she make it? And UP she goes! That may well be a world record kitty vault! Over the couch and through the chairs to the kitchen counter, the exploration continues until no inch of her new environment has
been left untouched. Just when her human thinks he might have made a mistake getting such an energized kitty, she lands on his lap, rolls and then kneads herself comfortable while purring gently as he strokes her fur. Whew! What an introduction!</p><p>Well, day one is winding down and with Geisha safely asleep on top of her three story condo, the human eases off to bed quite satisfied that life with cats, while exhausting, is a good fit. Curling up nice and snug under the covers, the human picks up The Shining and loses himself in the pages. All is quiet, and the moment the maniac goes crazy with the chainsaw he feels a sharp pain in his big toe! Jumping three feet in the air and throwing Mr. King against the wall, it takes a few seconds to discover the culprit of the attack! Geisha pokes her little head from beneath the bed looking about as frightened as he! Laughing until tears roll, he picks up his new friend and realizes that life with a cat, will never be the same.</p><p>If you
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