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It has been said that a pet resembles its owner and if you look at your friends and family you will find that the personalities of the pets often resemble that of the owners. For the most part pets live as their owners live. As pet owners we also give our pets lives similar to our own and for those of us that choose to seek out herbal treatments and herbal remedies for ourselves we often seek to obtain the same for our pets. When our pets have health problems we seek herbal remedies for them just as we would for ourselves. When our pet has a health problem we may seek an herbal remedy for cat, an herbal remedy for a dog, and our pets as well. Depending on the ailment there is probably a natural remedy for a cat, dog, or pet. There are also a homeopathic treatment for dogs and a homeopathic treatment for cats and there are holistic veterinarians that no longer stick to the traditional method of just providing man made drugs to our pets.

The number of natural remedies for cat, dogs, or other pets is broad and widely available.

A treatment of course differs from a cure and does not necessarily mean the cat or dog will not have the problem again. An herbal treatment for dogs or cats is just that a treatment and not a cure.

Pet owners should also be cautioned not try and substitute natural remedies for cats or dogs with vaccinations. There is always a risk involved in a vaccination and we often fear the worse when we give these to our children and pets, but statistically there is probably a higher risk involved in not giving vaccinations.

Herbal treatments can and often do improve a cat or dogs life, just as with a human being. In using herbal remedies you should treat your pet as you would a human. If the cat or do is pregnant do not give them herbal treatments and if there is an adverse reaction stop giving your pet the herbal treatment.

Holistic veterinarians have used many different herbal remedies for treatment of dogs and cats. One popular natural remedy for various ailments and health problems is Fennel. Fennel has been used as a natural herbal remedy for cats and dogs for a variety of ailments. Fennel has been used to treat indigestion, flatulence, coughs, stomach spasms, detoxification, and for upper respiratory inflammation. Another natural remedy for cats or dogs is Aloe. Aloe has been used as a natural remedy for cats and dogs to treat minor burns, stomach disorders, indigestion, skin irritations, cuts and wounds. Aloe is also believed to help regulate the kidneys, liver, and gall bladder, as well as healthy tissues, and also to aid blood and lymphatic circulation. Not surprisingly these natural remedies are also widely used by humans for substantially the same reasons, a natural herbal cat remedy is not much different than that for a dog or a human.

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