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How to Brush a Cat Like the Experts With Cat Grooming Supplies

Before you begin brushing your cat, first examine the coat for any tangles, knots, or matted fur. These are common in long haired breeds. If you find mats or clumps, do not pull them out. Instead, work the tangled hair apart with your fingers or the comb. If the mat is hopelessly snarled and you cannot get it free, carefully cut it out with scissors.

Owners of long haired breeds should check for mats between the toes, in the ears (especially if your cat has ear curls), and around the legs and anus.

Next, begin brushing your cat's head. Use soft, gentle strokes in the direction in which the fur lies as you work your way down the body, sides and legs. Cats have sensitive skin, so do not brush hard. If you do not feel that you are getting all the hair off, you can come back and do a second or even a third brushing until you get all the loose fur. Remove the hair from the brush whenever it gets full so that you do not put the loose fur back on the cat.

Many felines like the feel of the brush stroking their fur and will welcome a long brushing session. Some may lie down and roll over so that you can brush their stomach. However, others hate having their legs, feet or stomachs brushed and may resist or swat at the brush. If this happens, give your cat a minute to settle down, and then try again.

You can brush a cat almost anywhere. Some owners prefer to hold their cat on their lap or sit him on a chair, while others let the cat lie on the floor so that he can stretch out. The choice is yours and your cats.

Before you can begin grooming your cat or kitten, you need to purchase the following grooming supplies.

- a brush and comb designed for your cat's coat type (long haired or short haired)
- a kitten or cat toothbrush (or finger cap)
- feline safe toothpaste
- a small pair of scissors
- a thick towel
- baby oil or mineral oil
- cotton balls/gauze
- pet shampoo designed for cats or kittens
- special nail clippers designed for use on cats
- styptic pencil

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