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How to Buy Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health

Just imagine if you were a cat (you know, the cool Garfield or Heathcliff type) and were suffering from a urinary tract infection or some other related problem. This is a bacterial infection that affects the bladder and urethra, which can prevent urine from passing. Now if you have ever had to hold it in, you can only imagine how painful this experience is. In fact, you may have suffered a urinary tract infection yourself and know first hand the symptoms your cat feels. However, when you get sick with UTI you can always go to the doctor and immediately get special treatment. Your cat has a bit of a communication barrier and is reliant on you to know how to respond to UTI. You can take the cat to the vet, but the vet will be communicating instructions to you. Your cat's health depends on how well you can follow instructions and "sense what the cat feels." One part of caring for your cat's condition will be in choosing urinary tract health cat food. Cat food for urinary tract health is a specially formulated diet that helps improve health.

Different schools of thought have been reported in cat dieting, particularly as relates to urinary tract health. At one time, prominent veterinarians believed that it was best to avoid diets that were high magnesium or ash. However, this view gradually diminished over the years and now most veterinarians are more concerned on controlling the pH of urine. There is some disagreement as regards what is the best cat food for urinary tract health specifically. Some believe that highly specialized diets (such as the kind that prevents the formation of certain kinds of crystal) can actually backfire, so they recommend buying more commercial food. However, other experts disagree and state that there is no dry cat food worth buying, especially if your cat has severe symptoms. In fact, experts state that cheap dry cat food is actually causing chronic disease in cats.

Without getting into highly technical analysis and theory here, suffice it to say, many cat food manufacturers misrepresent the quality of their product. They state that their food is healthy for cats when in actuality it is mostly made of carbohydrates and nutrients that the cat cannot properly absorb. This is because, as some theorize, cats are carnivorous species and require certain nutrients that can only be found in animal tissue. Additionally, the carbohydrates found in commercial cat food is to give structural integrity, as in some type of edible cement, to keep the dry food from crumbling into even smaller bits. The point these experts make is clear: dry food is unhealthy for cats because of its very nature-it is dry and lacks water, which is what the cat needs to improve urinary tract health.

More Tips in Cat Food for Urinary Tract Health

If you are looking for a cat food for urinary tract health diet, it is best to avoid fish-flavored foods, which may increase the risk of crystal formation. Instead of relying entirely on dry food to nourish the cat, it is best that you supplement the animal's diet with a small amount of canned food every day. The ideal goal is to get the cat on a mostly canned food diet, since this provides nutrients, proteins and water. You also have to provide the cat with additional water, fresh and clean water. Some pet owners have remarked that feeding a cat table scraps can wreak havoc on the critter's little system.

If you want to provide the best treatment for cats with urinary tract infection then consider herbal supplements like UTI-Free. These are not prescription strength products and are much safer than using stronger, chemical-based medicines for treatment. Herbal pet supplements are over-the-counter products and can drastically improve urinary tract health. Cat food diet is only part of the problem that needs to be addressed.

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