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How to Choose a Cat Breed Like the Experts

There are more mixed breed cats in the world than purebreds. And Mother Nature often does a better job of painting them more beautifully than many of the pedigreed cats.

The main advantage of acquiring a pedigreed cat is that he will be more likely to live up to the breed characteristics and quirks that you may desire. Certain purebreds may appeal to you because of their color, coat or composition and, if this is important to you, then a pedigreed cat is for you.

If you want a cat to be your friend and playmate, then any cat, pedigreed or mixed breed, will fit the bill. A cat does not know or care if he has a pedigree. Cats eat like cats, play like cats, and love us like cats, no matter where they come from. You cannot go wrong bringing any kind of cat into your life.

So, how do you choose a breed? There are many considerations to take into account when choosing a breed. Those Persian cats with baby doll faxes and long, flowing coats may appeal to you, but do you have the time and the inclination to groom them each and every day?

A day without combing this kind of coat is an invitation to tangles and matting. A happy compromise enabling you to have that doll like Persian face coupled with a short coat that requires less grooming is the Exotic Shorthair. In the United Kingdom, a similar type of cat is called British Shorthair, and in mainland Europe it is called the European Shorthair.

A new kitten is the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Just be certain that you and your family can afford the time, and money needed to care for him properly. Do not worry about how little room you have, or whether you live in a house or a high rise apartment, a cat will quickly adapt to his new environment. All you need to do is ensure it is safe.

If you are buying a longhaired cat, such as the Persian, be prepared to put aside time every day to groom him. Unless you want specific characteristics in your cat, you should consider acquiring a mixed breed.

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