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How to Let Your New Adopted Cat Meet With Your Other Pet Properly Like the Experts

If you have other cats or dogs, it is not a good idea to turn your new cat loose with them. Either keep your cat in a different room while he learns about his new home, or try setting up a large cage in one of the rooms and placing him in it.

The cage should be set against a wall so that he can retreat to a safe position when his new friends come to make his acquaintance. You can expect some hissing, growling and raised hair on both sides.

This is normal so do not worry. After all, this stranger has invaded the property if your other pets so such reactions are only natural. After the noises and fluffed tails have subsided, either within a day or two or some weeks, open the door to the cage and let him out, but only with you standing guard.

Do not ever leave him unprotected while you are away from home until you are absolutely certain that all your pets are mixing well together. You might find that your own cat, who was the leader of the pack, makes a sudden shift in the pecking order and allows the newcomer or one of your other cats to lead the pack.

You might also find that your other pets react to this intrusion by developing bad habits of their own. They may be more forceful in their play, use the carpet for a litter pan or even mark their territory by spraying. Neutered males and spayed females are both capable of spraying when provoked.

On floor level, you no longer appear to be a giant and he is more likely to approach you. Drag a piece of ribbon or string slowly in front of his hiding place and he may creep out. Most important, let him comes to you. A sudden move to scoop him up will only send him back into hiding.

Until he feels secure enough to move about his room without fleeing when you enter it, you should not give him access to the rest of the house. But as soon as he does feel at home in the room and with you, open the door and let him explore on his own.

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