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How to Look After Your Cat

Domestic cats know how to take care of themselves, but once you decide to keep the creature as a pet, you ought to be familiar with the know-how of how to look after your cat. If you get a domestic cat when it is still a kitten, chances are that the pet gets accustomed to its environment and gets ruled by other pets and this can mean fewer fights in the house, for you. Luckily for you, kittens often sold to keepers, are already litter trained. This leaves you with the chore of tutoring it to find the right area when nature calls. You may be followed wherever you go, as kitties follow their owners all the time, and you might find the cat climbing up the kitchen counter. With food resting on the kitchen worktop, this could be a unfortunate habit, and to deter the domestic cat from doing this, keep some water handy which you may need to sprinkle on its face.

To keep its claws sharp and trim, the cat needs a scratching post, which you need to keep. If you find that they are scratch elsewhere, use the strategy of splashing their face with water. Other than the scratch post, you must also cut and trim their nails so that they do not grow too much, as this can injure a family member or even damage your furniture. Pressing down their claws on the ground can do this, so that the claws are extended which makes cutting easy. You must study the claws as a matter of routine so that they get used to it as they get older. Kitties usually do not shed hair as much as older domestic cats, but keep combing part of their normal grooming habit, so that they are also used to it, be it long or short hair.

Don't just give your domestic cat anything to eat because their food must be of superb quality which can be found in the pet store. If you are unsure about the make of food that has the best quality ingredients, ask you vet for some recommendations. They will also want a clean bowl of water also so they don't get dehydrated. Aside from feeding the kitty, he or she should be brought to the veterinary surgeon for injections and although they ordinarily get a few while they are young they will have to get a regular one yearly as they get bigger. It is a great decision to keep the domestic cat vaccination record handy in case your veterinary surgeon needs it. If you have a big cat, give them room to adjust to the new surroundings on their own. If your pets quarrel, don't worry or get in between them because this is natural but if things are really bad, then you will have to split them by holding both in some other rooms.

You also need to properly guide and train an older cat, so that it shows disciplined behavior. You can always teach them good behavior with sprinkling them with water and this is why water is so important while schooling a cat. Domestic cats should be confined indoors as research reveals that this can help them live longer, since they have less chance of getting involved in traffic accidents or even contracting a viral transmission from other animals. This is the reason why stray cats, living out-of-doors have a lifespan of only a few years. To take care of our domestic cat does not require a great amount of time or effort, and there are several aspects to it, which can be learnt from Internet research, which would permit you and your pet domestic cat to live happily for a long time.

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