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How to Overcome Older Cat Changes With New Pets and Babies

Many cats' love children, but the sudden arrival of a baby or child in the house can be a shock. Do not put the entire burden of adjustment on your cat because that is not fair. Teach children to leave her alone unless she seeks their attention and to be gentle with her when she does.

Supervise children who are too young to understand or comply. Be sure that your cat has a refuge where she can get away, if she no longer able to jump up out of reach, you need to provide her with an option.

Other pets, too, can be a problem for your senior cat. If she has lived with other animal for a while, they have probably worked out a reasonable relationship. A new pet, though, may frighten, hurt, or annoy your cat, especially if the newcomer is too pushy, playful, or big for your cat to fend off or escape.

Kittens and puppies in particular can be too rough, and lacking the sense and restraint that come with maturity, a young animal may hurt an elderly cat without meaning to. Of course, some animals do mean to hurt others, so be cautious when bringing a new pet into your home.

Be sure that your cat always has a way out, and supervise all interactions between the new pet and your feline until you are absolutely certain that they are okay together.

In her latter years, your cat may spend hours, even in hot weather, curled up on a heating pad that you used for newborn puppies. If you want to provide a supplemental heat source for your cat, do not use a heating pad made for people because it could pose a fire or electrical hazard.

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