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How to Stop Your Kitty's Spraying Problems

You just know you have the BEST cat in the whole, wide world. You sometimes wonder how you got so lucky because you've never had any problems from day one! Then out of the blue your Little Angle turns into a cat possessed! What in the name of mousy tails is going on?

At some point in every relationship between human and cat the day comes when your cat misbehaves in an unacceptable way. It's just a fact of life when you have a cat for a pet. Your kitty will do something that is quite normal and natural for him but you will classify as a major offense. Don't think kitty has gone crazy or hates you. It's usually just a cat being a cat.

The most common problem owners have with their cats is urination and defecation outside the litter box. Sure, every kitty will have an "accident" once in a while, especially the very young, the very old or a cat that is upset emotionally. It's up to you to take steps to prevent the problem in the first place and definitely prevent kitty from repeating the problem again and again.

A general rule is one litter box per cat. A variation of this is one box more than you have cats (3 cats=4 litter boxes). Locate the box where it's convenient, safe and private for kitty. Remember to remove "deposits" everyday and clean it once a week and rinse with a lemon juice and water solution. This removes the ammonia smell from the box, which can make kitty reject it.

If it seems that spraying on walls, floors or furniture is what's happening and not the occasional accident, this may be a territorial behavior problem. It is best to fix this by reducing any social stress or home environment stress he's being subjected to that is new in his life. This can be as varied as a new piece of furniture that smells strange to him, painting a room or remodeling, more visitors than he's used to in the house, a new baby or a new pet.

It's not uncommon for a neutered male to "spray". The primary cause is insecurity in his territory (your home.) Help him increase his confidence and feeling of security by giving him lots and lots of praise, love and attention simply for just being there with you. Reassure kitty he is the most wonderful, special cat in the world. Bring him treats and toys and play, pet, talk and stroke him everyday to rebuild his self worth.

Some other things you can try is take a blanket or towel he sleeps on or a piece of clothing of yours and rub it on the furniture so the scent he smells is familiar. Introduce a new baby or a new pet gradually and don't forget to make kitty still feel loved. If your cat is not used to lots of people around the house or loud noises, it may be better for him to be placed in a quiet room with his food, water, litter box and his blanket or your shirt for comfort until things quiet down. Sitting, talking quietly and stroking him periodically while he's there will help calm him and let him know things are OK and you still love him.

Just remember-NEVER, NEVER hit a cat for doing something, which to them, is natural. This does not teach discipline to the cat. It only teaches your cat the fear of humans and that your hand and you can't be trusted to give love all the time.

Ruth Walby

Solving a cat's behavior problems takes special know-how and training along with patience. Learn the steps you need to take to correct your kitty's behavior HERE or HERE We have what you're looking for to get your kitty's problems fixed and the sweet friend you know and love back with you.

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