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How to Tell If a Cat is Pregnant

How can you tell if your beloved cat is pregnant and carrying young? One common sign for suspecting owners is when your Queen starts lavishing more affection on you than what is usual for her. Increased progesterone levels will often make a cat more relaxed and people friendly.

Because a feline is only pregnant for about nine weeks, changes usually occur fairly quickly; many newly pregnant cats appear to be slightly unwell and a perceptive owner will likely pick up on this fact.


(1) Increased appetite, weight gain and lessened activity.

(2) The nipples tend to "pink up" after two weeks of being bred. A marked intensity in color may occur if this is her first litter.

(3) The cat's abdomen will have a more rounded appearance and will be especially noticeable as being larger in the last third of pregnancy.

(4) Engorgement in the mammary glands occurs.

By the fourth week, a Veterinarian should be able to detect the growing kittens through abdominal palpitations. An X-ray at this time may confirm any suspicions and number of young carried. Alternatively, an ultrasound as early as two weeks can confirm if your cat is pregnant.

Be aware that if you have a cat who has come in and out of heat and then suddenly seems to stop cycling, she may indeed be pregnant.

Towards the end of a pregnancy a cat will often seem especially restless as she hunts for a good nesting place in order to give birth.

As a rule of thumb, if your Queen's behavior changes markedly at any point it may be indicative of a pregnancy as her hormone levels fluctuate in preparation for the growing new life inside.

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