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How to Tell If Your Cat is Sick

It is very important for you to be close to your cat. Know what their normal everyday habits are. Pay attention to how much they eat and how often.

It is important to know these things, because if you don't know them you will not be able to realize if something is wrong and they are acting differently.

If you have a cat that is normally overactive and even somewhat hyper and then one day they just lie around and do nothing there is a good chance that there is something bothering your pet.

Do You Know The Symptoms?
Knowing the symptoms of certain feline illness is also a deciding factor of getting your cat help in time or losing them to a possible disease.

For example knowing that weight loss, frequent vomiting, and increased thirst and urination are all symptoms of feline diabetes would enable you to get them the help they need before it is too late.

Your cat can not tell you that something is wrong. They can't walk up to you and say "I am just not feeling right today." It is your responsibility to take care of them and to know when they are not feeling like they should be.

Pay attention to your cat's liter box, if you ever see that your cat is having problems relieving themselves, than you know there is something wrong.

Checking The Litter Box
If you see that your cat is in the litter box more or less often these are also signs of possible illness. When it is painful for your cat to use his box he will become irritated and his personality will change for the worse. All of these are subtle little changes and it takes a watchful eye to pick up on them.

A cat's coat, nose or eyes are also telling symptoms of problems. A cat's fur is just a reflection of what is going on, on the inside. Their fur should be healthy looking and thick. If you notice that your cat is losing a lot of hair at once or suddenly has bald spots then you need to take them to the VET immediately as these can be signs of almost every problem a cat can have.

If your cat has more eye or nose draining than normal there is something wrong also. If the cat looks like he has been crying have the vet check out his sinus. It is just a mild problem as opposed to kidney failure which also shows through the leaking eyes and runny nose symptoms.

When brushing your cat make a special point out of feeling along the cat's limbs. Any new bumps or lumps could indicate cancer. If there are changes like these then it is better to let your vet determine how serious they are and what risk it inflicts on your cat.

It is very important that you are not too embarrassed to talk to your vet. Never feel like you are over reacting, your vet is there to help you and your pet. They understand that it is better to be safe than sorry. If you live by that motto, than your cat should live a long healthy life.

No matter how old your cat is they are still like newborn babies. If you had any reason at all to think your new baby was sick you wouldn't hesitate to take it to the doctor at every little cough or sneeze.

By thinking like this you create the difference between whether a sick cat recovers or dies. Taking the time to connect with your cat, and paying attention to it will not only build a strong unbreakable bond between the two of you, it could also save a life.

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