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Interesting Cat Facts

Domestic cats are the only variety of the cat family that can have their tails vertical when walking. Wild cats, like lions and tigers, walk with their tails horizontal or between legs. When a domestic cat walks with its tail vertical, it indicates that he recognizes whoever or whatever is near.

Another interesting fact about cats is that cats never employ meowing to communicate with each other. Domestic cats descended from solitary creatures. Being solitary and hunting alone by nature, they have a limited set of communication skills for confrontation. Especially lacking is body language.

Some misconceptions that a lot of people have about cats are that they always land on their feet. This idea is not true. Another misconception is that they have nine lives. They definitely do not. This last belief may have come about because often a cat does land on its feet and can appear to have "nine lives" but definitely not always.

Kittens born to non-hunting mothers may never learn to hunt (except maybe for yarn and some old socks to play with). Kittens are born with both eyes and ears closed. With a new born kitten's eyes open, they are always blue at first, changing color over a period time. Kittens will purr to their mother to let her know they are getting enough milk while nursing and also to let their mother know they are nearby and everything is ok. Adult cats purr to let others know they are friendly and not a threat. Purring is a process of inhaling and exhaling, usually performed while the mouth is closed.

The myth that black cats are bad luck especially if they cross your path persists but it is just that, a myth which seems to have originated in the United States. This myth is believed to have originated with the Salem witch hunts although it is not known for sure.

Everything about cats is fascinating. In doing research for this article, I learned a couple of things I didn't know before and I thought I knew a lot about them. I hope this article has been informative for you as well and helps with understanding the feline.

NOTE: This article is for information only. See your veterinarian for medical advice.

We plan to post articles that are informative and helpful to other cat lovers. Having been "owned" by cat for years, we know they can be demanding, but also be very intertaining and fun.

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