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Is Your Kitten Being Eaten Alive by Fleas?

Fleas are nasty little blood-suckers that can literally suck the life out of your sweet, little kitten. Check your kitty's fur often - if you find one flea, you can be sure there are others.

Gross Fact...

Did you know that a flea eats 15 times its own weight in blood!?!?

So what does this mean?

Every flea that is living on your kitten is removing your kitten's precious blood supply. A diminished blood supply means that your kitten will be dehydrated and lethargic. A bad flea infestation can quickly kill a kitten, so it's important to get treatment quickly when those little 'buggers' are discovered.

How can I detect whether my kitten has fleas?

Often times, you can see the fleas crawling on your kitten if you kitten have a light colored coat.

However, if you kitten has a dark coat, try this little test...

Fill up your sink with lukewarm water and gently put your kitten in the water. Then, lightly brush your kitten's coat, making sure that the brush comes in direct contact with its skin. The idea is that you want the fleas or dried drops of blood to fall off into the water. If black specs drop off into the water and they turn red, then that shows that your kitten is being eaten by fleas.

My kitten has fleas! What can I do?

The safest way to kill fleas on a young kitten is by bathing them in lukewarm to warm water with Dawn dishwashing liquid. Dawn dishwashing liquid is very effective at killing fleas and is used by many cat breeders.

First, dip your kitten in the warm water, then take it out and apply generous amounts of the Dawn dishwashing liquid and massage it in to its coat. Be very careful to avoid getting the soap in your kitten's eyes.

The fleas will start jumping off to get away from the Dawn dishwashing liquid.
Note: Make sure your kitten does not catch cold - if you have a heat lamp overhead, that can be very helpful.

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