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Knowing What to Do About Cat Health Issues

Providing your cat with excellent cat health care can be very challenging. Felines generally don't like being bothered so to determine the cat's health problem may not be as easy as you think. Letting a cat health problem go unattended can cause extreme stress on the cat as well as require long term medical care in the future.

How To Prevent The Unwanted

To promote good cat health as a cat owner you should have your cat spayed or neutered.
A cat that has not be de-sexed can come into contact with male cats and run the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, but this is not the only problem they can also be exposed to diseased cats that have not had their shots and may be suffering from little or no attention by a cat health care provider. Males who have not been altered are also at risk of becoming infected by insanitary cats which when caught in a fight can be injured. These types of injuries can develop into contaminated wounds.

Cat Health Care Problems

When looking at your common cat health issues you can include problems such as tape worms, ear mite's flea infestation in addition to reactions to flea bites. If you take your cat to a vet on a yearly basis and purchase a good flea preventative, these problems can be addressed. More serious cat health problems can range from urinary tract problems that can be a long term issue, colon problems requiring lifelong medication, feline leukemia and dental troubles which require tooth removal.

Other Things You Can Do

Exercise is a must for felines as you do not want your cat to turn into an obese feline. As kittens, they have plenty of liveliness but as they age, they are inclined to slow down so it's fundamental to discover ways to keep your feline active. Using a collar and leash and walking around the yard, purchase a carpeted scratch post for clawing exercise, sprinkling catnip on a throw rug or towel that will keep them busy, finding safe cat toys that interest your feline and playing with them are all things you can do to help keep your cat active. Give your feline first-rate value food, both dry and canned, that is high in the types of vitamins a cat requires can help sustain a healthy cat. Annual visits to the veterinarian to have a record of the continuing cat health care being provided for your pet will alert the doctor of any changes in the health of your cat.

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