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Litter Training a Cat - 6 Simple Steps

I recently got a new cat from a friend and it was not litter trained. Litter training a cat is not easy and takes a lot of patience. Here are some tips and tricks I learned while I trained my cat to make it easier for you.

Cats are born as tidy animals and when you give them a litter box where they can do their things in quiet they should accept it without any problems. If you still have some trouble to get your cat to use the litter box, consider this.

  • Have you checked so the litter box is clean? Cats don't like a dirty box.
  • Are you sure your cat can find the litter box? Some people tend to hide the box really carefully so not even the cat can find it. Invite the cat by brushing your fingers against the sand.
  • Don't place the litter box close to where your cat eats and drinks.
  • If your cat "do it" outside the litter box, make sure to clean it up quickly and use 50 % vinegar and 50 % water to clean up.
  • If you continue to have problems it could be worth to empty the whole litter box and clean it under running hot water. There could be some smell on it that the cat doesn't like.
  • If the cat gets stressed a lot that could be the cause. Allow your cat to relax and place the litter box on a calm and quiet place.

If you follow these rules and solution your cat should use the litter box in no time. If you still have problems it could be medical and I would take the cat to the veterinarian. As you can see litter training a cat is really simple, just have patience and follow these steps.

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