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Luxury Cat Bed Furniture

If you love your cat and you're looking to find a special place for her to sleep, you probably want to consider purchasing a luxury cat bed. Luxury cat beds and furniture are made out of the best fabrics, stuffed with the softest fillers and decorated with the most intricate details. You may be able to find cheaper beds that look nice, but only a luxury cat bed will provide you cat with the best comfort and support while she sleeps.

If you have not already noticed, cats sleep a lot. Kittens and much older cats can sleep for up to 18 hours every day. This is why it is important to spend a little extra money on a luxury cat bed. One of the most important qualities these beds have over their cheaper competitors is their size. Your cat should be able to stretch out comfortably when she wakes up. If your cat is still young, you also want to make sure to account for her size as she grows. If you have more than one cat, size is especially important because they love to snuggle together when they sleep.

Just like you, your cat most likely prefers a soft surface to lie on when she sleeps. With a cat, there is rarely such thing as "too soft." Luxury cat beds often come stuffed with extra soft down and have thick padding on top. Look for beds with a quilted surface because it adds to the puffiness and squishiness of the bed. Lesser quality cat beds are often to thin and made of cheap synthetic fillers that will clump and make you cat's bed lumpy and uncomfortable.

Cats love to sleep in warm places, even if the room already feels relatively warm to you. Luxury cat beds are made with lots of thick fabric which keep the chill of the floor away for your cat. Some top of the line beds may even include heating pads for therapeutic heating qualities. The extra warmth is especially important for older cats who may be suffering from arthritis. However, keep in mind that if your cat's bed is in front of a window and receiving direct sunlight, you may want to turn off the heating pad so your cat doesn't get overheated. Most cats will let you know when their bed feels too warm by choosing to sleep somewhere else.

One of the most important differences between your average cat bed and a luxury cat bed is that a lot more thought and consideration goes into the design of the latter. Cat's like to feel safe and protected when going to bed, particularly if you'll be sleeping in a separate room. Luxury cat beds are sometimes designed with an enclosed space above the mattress, where cats can hide and feel protected from the world. Donut shaped beds with a sunken sleeping cushion in the middle also offer some protection without completely concealing your cat.

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