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Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Cats can be happily kept inside all the time, and an indoor cat is much healthier and safer than an outdoor cat. I really believe it is too dangerous outside for a cat to roam freely, but they truly benefit from fresh air, stimulation and exercise that come with the great outdoors. Also, in some areas it is not legal to allow your cat outdoors off your property. Many places have laws allowing "stray cats" to be picked up and removed, or in some places they can even be shot! Aside from leash-training, there is another way to let your cat enjoy the stimulation of being outdoors without the risk of being lost, stolen, or injured-build or buy an outdoor cat enclosure.

The popularity of outdoor cat enclosures has grown in recent years as owners have become more aware of the need to protect their cat from predators, cars, and other outdoor dangers. In addition, free roaming cats kill a surprisingly large number of birds.

If you are building an outdoor cat enclosure, the appearance really depends on your designing skills, your house and yard's dimensions and the limits of your pocketbook. It can be any size, but a 6' x 6' x 6' area is sufficient.

Several companies manufacture ready-made cat confinement systems that enable your feline to experience the great outdoors yet remain safe. These containment units vary from inexpensive perches, to window-mounted bays, to large and elaborate wood and wire courtyards, to cat proof fencing.

But, if you have the space, you might want to consider providing your cat with a "cat run" where he can go outside at will and watch birds and doze in the sun. Some of these "cat runs" will expose your indoor cat to sunlight and the outdoors in a shaded, protected enclosure.

Outdoor cat enclosures provide you with a way to allow your cat to roam in the outdoors safely and securely. Now you don't have to supervise your cat whenever he goes out.

We plan to post articles that are informative and helpful to other cat lovers. Having been "owned" by cats for years, we know they can be demanding, but also be very entertaining and fun.

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