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Palm Tree Cat Scratching Post - Save the Furniture

A palm tree cat scratching post can be the ideal piece of cat furniture for your cat to keep its nails naturally trimmed. Cats that have not had their claws removed naturally gravitate towards any piece of rough fabric in the house, regardless of where the fabric is located, such as an armchair, couch, or even a pair of heavy window drapes to keep their nails shortened.

Instead of allowing the cat to have access to the furniture and window treatments, a special carpet covered post designed especially for cats is the best way for the cat to spend time trimming its own nails and to play on and even sleep on. A palm tree cat scratching post is designed to meet these needs of any cat that spend most of its time inside the house. Cat furniture does not need to take up a lot of space and a post of this nature and design can be placed in any corner of a room where the cat spends most of its time, such as the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

A cat can sleep on top of the post or at the base, where both of these parts are covered with a durable carpet. The post itself can be covered with carpeting too although some may be covered with a coated rope that will withstand scratching claws without being completely torn apart. The benefits of this type of furniture for a cat is as follows:

1. The height of each post is tall enough for any cat to stretch while grooming its nails this way because cats naturally exercise this way. Each post is designed to be stable without falling over onto the cat.

2. The post makes an ideal cat-only sleeping place for the cat, even if the cat has already adopted other places in the house for napping purposes.

3. The top of the post where the cat can nap is designed to keep the cat's body warm, even during the cold winter months.

4. The "fronds" surrounding the top platform are flexible so that whenever a cat jumps up to the top platform, there is minimal to zero impact on the cat's leg joints when jumping, making it possible for even older cats to enjoy the palm tree scratching post.

Most cats appreciate having their own private furniture for napping and grooming. Ideally, any cat furniture should be placed near a window where the cat can obtain some warmth from the sunlight as well as being able to sit up and look out the window without straining its neck. Older cats with health troubles especially enjoy the sunlight while napping on top of the carpet covered post. The post can be easily moved around for the cat if it is necessary to relocate the post to another room. Generally, cat furniture of this type does not take up a lot of space and a palm tree cat scratching post can be stored just about any place in the house.

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