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Picking a Cat Breed

If you have decided that you like to have a cat as part of your family, either to show, breed or just as a pet, careful attention must be taken of the many different breeds and the characteristics of each one. There are a great many considerations when choosing a cat breed and they are not all concerned just with the physical appearance of your new friend.

If you wish to show your cat, you will need to research the shows that will accept particular breeds and the popularity of the breed. Also you may wish to consider the breeding aspect. The cost of some breeds can be much higher than that of some of the more usual ones and this must be thought about when it comes to buying your breeding stock as well as adding up the financial benefits when you come to sell the offspring. If you are breeding as a business then choosing a cat breed is all important.

Cats in general make very good family pets, but there are some breeds that are characteristically more suitable than others. Some cross breeds have proved themselves to be more robust and less prone to infections and illnesses and also many cross breeds have a more relaxed temperament. This is not always the case, however, and each cat, regardless of its breed, will have its own way about it. It is not possible to generalise too much. If you are choosing a cat breed as a family pet, however, you may be wise to have a look at one of the websites where owners have posted reviews about their pets. Some valuable information can be found regarding the personalities of individual breeds and it is always better to learn from someone else's mistakes rather than making your own.

Cats have fur... well most of them do. Some people will find that they are intolerant to cat fur to some extent. If this is just a minor intolerance then you may still be able to have a cat as a pet. You will be able to do some research and discover which cats have short fur and which would be the most aggravating to your intolerance by having lots of fluffy long fur. Also, a long haired cat will need much more attention as it will require grooming on a regular basis. You must also bear in mind that our feline friends also come in different sizes. Admittedly the difference is not as much as it is with dogs for example, but if you are choosing a cat breed, you would definitely notice the difference between a large Norwegian Forest and a much smaller Rag doll.

You will find that some cats require a little more attention than others. The Bengal cat, for example, is a very energetic and demanding cat. They are very loving and affectionate, but they do like to be the centre of attention and are great ones for climbing the curtains and knocking ornaments off shelves. Possibly they are not the best pet for an elderly person with limited space and a lot of knick knacks of sentimental value. I am sure that you will have a great time in choosing a cat breed and a little research before hand will mean that when you bring your new pet home you will hopefully have no nasty surprises.

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