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Selecting a Cat Cage to Fit Your Needs

Like most people who own cats, or to be more correct are OWNED by the cats in the household, we want them to be as safe as possible. Many areas are putting restrictions on cats being allowed to run free about the neighborhood and for good reason. Like any pet allowed to roam without restriction, they can be hurt by traffic, attacked by other animals or just generally get into mischief that can be a real problem and can cause some major expense with your Veterinarian. If your community has a local posting board or newspaper, look and see how many missing or lost pets are posted every day and you will quickly realize how heartbreaking, but preventable this can be.

Cats do like to be outside when possible and should be able to enjoy that freedom just like we humans do. A great way to allow this freedom is using a large cat cage. When people think of a cage, they picture in their mind a small enclosure with the cat pacing back and forth waiting on when it's time to be released from their prison, but it does not have to be this way. Large cat cages allow the cat to play in a protected area without the worry of harm from other animals and these cages keep your pet in a controlled area. Some of these cages have shelves, toys, playgrounds, chairs, items that you would have in your home available for your feline friend while in the cage.

When shopping for a cat cage, I suggest the bigger the better. This gives your pet plenty of room to move around in the cage so they do not feel confined. Pay attention to the quality of the metal used in the cage and the size of the openings in the metal. If the openings are too large, the cat may be able to get it's head through and become trapped. Examine the door opening and the security of the door latch.

Consider a modular cat cage system. These systems use panels which can be added or subtracted to, making the cage very versatile. Remove a few panels and you can move the cage indoors when you are away from home to keep your pet in the area you want. Take the cage outside and add a few more panels and you can create a large playground and not worry about where your pet is. A good quality cat cage must be able to do 2 things, keep your pet in the area you want them to be and protect them from other roaming animals. I have seen fabric cat enclosures which may work well indoors, but I would never consider them for use outdoors as they offer no protection from a wandering neighborhood dog.

I suggest people to visit Cats-on-line which has a great selection of quality cat cages and cat products. These people know pets and can help you find the right cage to suit your needs.

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