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Symptoms of Cat Rabies - Protect Your Family From This Deadly Disease

Rabies is one of the most common diseases in cats. Not only is it easily spread, but can be deadly as well. By learning the symptoms and catching it early, you'll make sure to keep your family safe.

How are rabies transmitted

This disease is passed when an infected animal bites a non-infected one. It's transferred through saliva. The virus only lives for about 24 hours outside of the body. After an animal is infected, it spreads through the verves system to the brain. The incubation time is between 2-6 weeks. After that it moves to the salivary glands where it can be spread by biting.

Stages of rabies

There are 3 major stages of rabies. It's important to understand these symptoms so you can take measures to protect yourself. They are as follows:


This is the first stage. The symptoms of this stage include the following:

- Anxiety
- Solitude
- Nervousness
- Fever

Your cat may display erratic behavior that will generally last for 2 days or so.

Paralytic (Dumb)

Within 2-4 days cats will begin to salivate. This occurs because they are unable to swallow. Because the diaphragm and face muscles become paralyzed deep breathing will occur. Cat's jaws will also drop as a result of them trying to breath.


Now they will start to roam and may become vicious. This will lead to becoming disorientated. Eventually they may have a seizure which could lead to death.

Many times cat owners will not be aware that the animal has been affected. Keep a close eye on your cat. By recognizing the symptoms of rabies you will not only be able to protect your family but other pets as well.

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