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The Advantages of Being a Responsible Cat Owner

Before acquiring or selling a cat, there a number of practical and legal issues you should consider. Possibly the most important is to ensure that he is both registered and fitted with clear identification. If you have pedigreed cat, you should have been given his papers when you acquired him.

These consist of a registration certificate or application for registration completed by the breeder as well as a pedigree showing his family tree. If you have a mixed breed cat, it is still a good idea to register him.

Almost the entire cat registering associations offers registration in the household pet category. Their only condition is that any cat so registered not be used for breeding, a requirement aimed at reducing the number of unwanted kittens.

As well as the major associations, there are a number of independent groups that register mixed breeds. These can be located through ads in cat magazines. In some states in the US, cats are considered feral and, as such, have no rights under the relevant state's laws. Although rarely enforced, you should make inquiries to be certain if your cat's status.

The advantages of having a registration certificate on your cat are many. First, it identifies him as to sex, color, eye color, hair length and age. In the case of the purebred, it registers his breed as well.

If he goes outdoors and is picked up by another person, it will help identify him as your cat. If you have multiple cats and meet with an accident, it will serve to identify your cats and make their placement easier.

In an extreme case, if your cat wreaks havoc in a neighbor's garden, and that neighbor then harms him, the certificate will serve as proof of ownership in the event that you take the neighbor to court for damages.

If your cat ventures outdoors, there is a huge variety of tags available to attach to his collar for identification purposes. The break away collar is recommended for safety, however, if the collar does break away, he will lose his identifications.

Another alternative is to have your veterinarian implant a microchip under his skin. This will identify him to any veterinarian or animal shelter with the appropriate scanning device.

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