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The Beautiful and Amazing Siamese Cat

I am often asked questions regarding the demeanor of the Siamese Cat. Those who may be contemplating getting a Siamese or had recently acquired one may be concerned about rumors on how the Siamese is relatively mean, pretentious, and peculiar. Let me dismiss these negative tales, Siamese have gotten the wrong publicity due to stories or movies, especially in the film "Lady and the Tramp" from the clip "We are Siamese if you please!" Of course they are beautiful with their mesmerizing blue eyes, head shape, slender body structure, and their sleek striking color contrast. Wouldn't you be a little conceited if you were that beautiful?

So what is the personality of the Siamese cat like? The Siamese cat is one of the most extroverted and social cats in the world. They are a type of cat that is warm and affectionate and bonds with their human very closely which means that the Siamese is not quite as independent as other cats. Having this close relationship with their human, they prefer and enjoy the inside restrictions of the home with their owners. They are a "people" cat like no other cat for they love to be on your lap, on your bed, at your dinner table, and in your heart!

Besides their gorgeous two-toned coat, another distinctive feature of this breed is that it has a very loud and distinctive low pitch to its voice. The Siamese meow has been compared to the cries of a human baby. The intensity of the vocalization should not be prolonged if you are smart enough to understand what they want. Most of the time the Siamese will talk at conversational levels, and they always have something very important to say. So the Siamese is very talkative.

In the hierarchy of cat intelligence, the Siamese stands on top. It has been indicated that Siamese and other oriental shorthairs are the most intelligent of all domesticated cats. Anyone who has owned one will brag about and the amazing feats that these cats can accomplish. You may want to "cat-proof" your home for a Siamese can learn how to open doors, cabinets, and latches. Actually these cats love the challenge of these feats, and will not give up. They find creative and unusual ways to get into trouble.

Because of their intelligence, Siamese are very lively and entertaining. They can also be very demanding, and can be totally involved in their owner's life. Siamese do not like to be ignored and always want to be the center of attention. They regard themselves as people instead of cats. One thing for sure, you will never be bored if you own a Siamese cat.

The author lives in west TN, where she resides in a blissful multi-cat home. She has done extensive research for almost twenty years on cat behavior especially that of the Siamese cat.


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