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The Importance of Healthy Cat Food

If you are a cat owner that truly loves you furry friend than it is imperative that you understand the importance of healthy cat food. Cats have very unique nutritional needs and if they are ignored the results can cause your cat to become sick, or even shorten its life considerably. The good news, is that finding and procuring the best cat food for your beloved pet is now more easy and convenient than ever.

Happy Playful Cats

The main problem is that cats can't talk, so if they are feeling bad due to their diet, they are completely unable to tell their owners about it. This means that right now what you are feeding your cat may be causing it to feel terrible, but you wouldn't even know it. A properly nourished cat is a happy playful cat, so it is also in your best interest to see to it that your cat is being provided the best nutrition possible.

A shocking Discovery

One recent current event that brought the issue of healthy cat food to the attention of cat owners world wide, was the discovery of a certain practice of unscrupulous Chinese pet food manufacturers. What was discovered, has more cat and dog owners around the globe taking a closer look at what they are feeding their pets.

Safe Online Sources

They were found to be adding a dangerous chemical additive to dog and cat food that mimicked the presence of protein. They could have gotten away with this unseemly practice indefinitely, but for one thing. That is, that the chemical that they were using is fatal in some instances. Thats right! Cats and dogs were dying from the food that they were being fed and while the practice has stopped for now it is only a matter of time until they start in again.

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