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The Truth About Cat Urinary Health

Have you ever wondered how to better care for cat urinary health? Some cat owners have been shocked to find out that after taking their cat to the vet and administering antibiotics as directed, symptoms of cat urinary tract blockage or other related conditions have reappeared. Why does this happen? Nobody really knows why cat urinary tract blockage occurs beyond the scientific level-namely, a mineral build up in the urethra, which prevents urinary function, thus causing urinary stones, infection and inflammation. There are many factors that can put a cat into a high-risk category, such as old age, bad diet, lack of water, obesity and stress. A cat owner may think that once antibiotic treatment is administered, that the condition would go away for a long period of time. However, the opposite is true: unless you really stay on top of your cat's health following recovery, then it's almost certain that the symptoms will come back.

One of the most important aspects your veterinarian will stress to you is that of dieting and cat urinary health. If you're like many cat owners, you have probably bought cheap commercial cat food for most of your cat's life. This is a mistake, though you can't be blamed for it, since most of these companies market their products as "healthy" dieting food. However, practically all veterinarians and dieting experts state that it's best to replace cheap dry cat food with a special dietary brand of cat food, formulated specifically for cat urinary health. Why is it best to avoid dry cat food? Because this food consists mainly of carbohydrates, something that your cat doesn't need. In fact, starch is like the "glue" of common cat food, what holds all the clumps of junk together.

Wait a minute, what about cat food manufacturers that claim they are putting healthy nutrients and vitamins in their food? While this may be true, many veterinary authorities question whether or not cats are biologically capable of processing many of these nutrients. Cats are carnivorous creatures and require diets that are high in protein and rich with animal-derivative substances like taurine and arginine. Additionally, you really have to research the manufacturer of cat food to make sure that their production process is healthy. For example, you also have to consider how they harvest their meat products.

More Issues of Concern in Cat Urinary Tract Blockage

One of the most important factors in accommodating cat urinary health is providing plenty of water. Cats that suffer from UTI, are recovering from UTI or who have kidney problems will appear to be far more thirsty than usual. This is unusual for cats, which have historically gotten most of their water from the prey they hunt. Therefore, if a cat is actually showing signs of thirst then you know it isn't getting enough water. What are some ways in which pet owners have increased the water intake of their feline friends? Some have bought bubbling water fountains that seem to naturally pique the interest of cats. Others have left more than one water dish around the house so that wherever kitty goes fresh water is never too far away. Other owners shrewdly combine chicken or beef broth into a cup or two of water knowing that the cat needs water but will still enjoy the taste of meat.

It will also help to supply your cat with herbal remedies for urinary tract health, such as uva ursi, berberis and cantharis. These homeopathic cures work like antibiotics but do not have the same level of potency or chemical manipulation. These herbal products can help to keep the cat's bladder clean and infection-free, and even free from urinary stones.

In conclusion, eat healthy and drink plenty of water-that advice can easily apply to you and your cat! If you want to learn more about cat urinary health then visit

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