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The Ultimate Sisal Cat Scratching Post - A Review

Cats have very particular tastes, I have found with my own two cats. One of my cats is large, I think he is part Maine Coon, so the scratching post I use has to be able to withstand his large size and strength, even when he feels like climbing the post. My cat also likes to scratch and stretch several times a day, so the scratching post also has to be very durable. Out of all the posts I have tried, the best one is the Ultimate Sisal Cat Scratching Post.


One of the best attributes of this post is its durability. My large Maine Coon mix cat scratches long and hard and this post holds up. It is still looking like it did the day I bought it!


At 32 inches high, the Ultimate Sisal Cat Scratching Post is perfect for my Maine Coon mix because it is tall enough for him to fully stretch out when he is scratching. When he was younger, he was able to climb on it as well. For smaller cats, they can climb to the top of the post. With the addition of the optional perch accessory, it provides the cat an extra place to sit and watch the house and activities going on.


The best thing that I like about this post is that it does not look like the traditional scratching post. I have had comments from visitors on how good the post looks and it fits in great with my decor. I have natural woods for my furniture and the natural wood coloring of the post matches perfectly!


My cat is still growing and he is now at close to 15 pounds, a big cat! So stability of the scratching post is super essential for my cat to be comfortable using his post. With its wide base, it does not budge when my cat decides to climb it to the top. He loves it!

Without a doubt the Ultimate Sisal Cat Scratching Post is THE best!

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