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Tips For Choosing Cat Food

When choosing the best cat foods to feed your hungry pet always be sure that the nutritional balance of the meal is well-considered and that you don't overfeed your cat; this is especially true when important when one considers the often sedentary lifestyle of the modern feline when compared with its hunting ancestors.

Cats are what are known as 'obligate carnivores', a fancy term that means they obtain a lot of their nutrition through sources of animal protein. Never think that you could raise a vegetarian cat as their physiology's just aren't geared for this!

Contrary to what many believe, commercially-produced cat food is actually a satisfactory choice to include in your pet's diet. Check the labels carefully and shop around for the healthiest, vitamin-enriched selections. Always be aware that depending on the age of your cat will determine exactly what foods to buy; young kittens expend more energy than an adult cat so will need different dietary requirements.

Budgeting aside, when shopping, whether selecting dry food (or kibble), semi-moist food - with higher water content or canned food, choose quality products and research pet food companies if you have any doubts; call them up if needed, your cat deserves the best! If feeding your pet a tailor-made fresh diet then be sure that it is getting all of the required nutrients, otherwise vitamin supplements may be needed.

A cat's diet should contain the following elements in order to optimize health:

* Protein - higher levels needed than any other domesticated species.
* Fat - in reduced amounts.
* Carbohydrates - used for fuel and a large component of commercial cat foods.
* Vitamins - a balanced selection.
* Amino acids - especially taurine.
* Minerals - Calcium and phosphorous.
* Water - A cat is 60 -70% water in makeup.

NO-NO's -
There are some foods that a cat should NOT consume, including cow's milk and chocolate. Houseplants, electrical cords, pennies, yarn, string, rubber bands, thread and tinsel may all look appetizing to your cat but can result in internal injuries.

Choose quality foodstuffs for your cat's diet and feed sensible-sized meal portions in order to maintain purrrfect health; Bon apetit!

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