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Traditional Cat Health Care

Pet health care draws up images of trips to the veterinarian's office and fighting with your pet to take medications, but every day traditional pet health care is far more simplistic than that. And it is less painful for you and your cat. Generally, pet health begins with the food you give them. If you offer your cat a diet high in fat and preservatives, or even worse, people food, they will not develop a healthy internal system and chances are that they will develop a terminal medical condition. So pet health begins with what is in their food bowl. Provide a balanced diet that is high in protein; remember, in the wild, they eat raw meat and tissue, so provide them a diet that is high in protein relatively similar to a diet they would receive in the wild. However, just providing raw meat to your cat, while they may be satisfied, will not satisfy their nutritional needs. They need additional vitamins and nutrients that raw meat alone cannot provide, so pick a cat food that is a well rounded meal.

The second most important thing in traditional pet health is exercise. It is very important to engage your cat in some sort of physical activity, whether it is providing toys for their exercise entertainment, or by playing with your feline. Cats love to play hide and seek. It is indicative of their wild natural behavior, so playing a game of cat and mouse in your living room can get their heart rate going and help keep them young and spry. There are lots of toys available which can provide exercise for your feline, from balls which they can bat around, to feathers which can be whipped around in the air, taunting your cat. Cats need mental stimulus such as these toys can provide, so make sure that your cat has plenty of different toys to ensure strong mental health.

Thirdly, and something most pet owners do not consider a potential problem for pet health is poison and this can be anything from anti-freeze to drain cleaner. Anything you would not want to put in your body should not go inside your pet's. Many pets are lost each year to accidental exposure to lethal and toxic chemicals. Keep all cleaning products, medicines and poisons out of sight and in an area which your cat cannot access. Cats are clever, they can figure out how to get into spaces you would not think to consider, so make sure that your products are locked away.

By taking these small steps to providing general pet health care you can ensure that your cat is healthy and happy for many years. There are so many things that can be done as preventive measures to help ensure the health of your pet, just a few moments can mean the difference to a healthy pet. Many of us consider our pets extensions of our family, so why not take the steps to protect their health and safety too?

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