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Uncover Valuable Information on Urinary Tract Health Cat Food

Ever wondered how your cat develops urinary tract health problems to begin with? By definition, UTI is a bacterial infection that affects the bladder and urethra of little miss kitty. (Or Mr. Kitty) As this infection spreads throughout the pet's body, it gets progressively worse, as minerals start to clump together in the urethra, which will prevent urine from passing easily or perhaps at all. Why does this condition happen? There's no definitive cause, and the problem has been linked to several probable causes, including old age, lack of water, stress, obesity, genetics, allergies and food. Cat food for urinary tract health may not be sufficient for the cat's urinary health to improve to the level wanted. The cat must usually change its lifestyle to promote easier digestion and release. Since kitty doesn't understand the intricacies of urinary tract diagnosis, it is left up to you to convey the message. The best way to convey that message to kitty (who already knows you're up to something) is to change the cat's diet to urinary tract health cat food instead of commercial food.

Is this really necessary? Yes, especially if you have been feeding your cat dry cat food for a number of years. Food determines the pH of the urine, so you owe it to your cat to buy only the best quality cat food, especially after you get the diagnosis of UTI. When you first take your cat to the veterinarian, if the condition is severe, the doctor may prescribe antibiotic treatment, or recommend some other type of medicine for immediate relief. However, after this initial visit it will be up to you to prevent further flare ups of UTI, and one of the best ways to do this is by buying specially formulated urinary tract health cat food.

Now this does not necessarily mean that all urinary tract health cat food or any type of "special diet food" for cats will be appropriate. In fact, some believe that special dietary cat foods may actually cause certain types of crystal formation, even while they inhibit the formation of other crystals. One thing is for sure-you have to cut out the dry, generic quality cat food you buy from the grocery store. This type of cat food is so unhealthy, that some experts are actually blaming the cat food for starting urinary tract infection in the first place. Some sources state that because generic quality cat food is high in carbohydrates, low in water and contains nutrients that a cat cannot comfortably digest, this type of food does far more damage than it does good. Since your cat is attempting to recover from UTI, you need to eliminate this threat-not only until full recovery but also for the rest of its life. It's a small price to pay for significantly extending the years of your furry friend.

Beyond Urinary Tract Health Cat Food

Obviously, you're not going to only feed antibiotics or homeopathic formulas to your cat for the rest of its life. Cats want to eat what they enjoy, and they enjoy cat food. What type of diet should you be looking for? Besides accepting the vet-recommended urinary tract health cat food after your first pet hospital visit, try buying canned food. Canned food has more water in it, and your cat will require a far larger water intake in the coming months. As far as planning healthier foods, know that your cat will require plenty of protein. Since cats are carnivorous creatures, they need a steady supply of protein, not to mention some essential nutrients that can only come from meat. They also should have a low carb diet during this difficult time, which means the less dry cat food you given them the better.

In conclusion, remember that your cat is recovering from a major illness and needs some time to heal. Make sure you make this healing time as comfortable as possible with cat food for urinary tract health. Urinary tract health cat food is part of your cat's treatment for recovery and prevention.

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