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Understand Your Cat Through His Behavior

It is known that cats aren't as friendly as dogs, yet some people just love the feeling of a feline presence in their house that they allow a cat to live with them. Unlike a dog, a cat does not need a lot of maintenance since it can groom itself very well and keep clean without having its owners to fuss over it. Many people prefer to have a dog over a cat because dogs are easier to get along with. Cats do seem to have their own agenda and will behave oddly at times, thus confusing even their very own owners. Yet certain cat behavior will usually tell something about the feline which will make a person understand his pet better.

A very common cat behavior is when it brushes its head into any type of object that it sees around the house. Whether it be your leg, your visitor's bag, the table's legs or the back rest of a chair, the brushing motion done by your pet signifies having possession over that particular object. The rubbing motion of the cat's head is done so that a touch of saliva is transferred to the object in which your pet thinks he owns. By marking a certain object with his saliva, it will then have a familiar scent to your pet. This just shows the territorial tendencies of the feline.

If your pet lives with you indoors, you might observe his fondness of sitting or lying down near windows. During his stay by the window, you might observe or hear your cat make strange noises or unusual movements. This shouldn't be a concern for you since the feline is just acting out his natural hunting instincts. Anything he sees through the window will trigger his hunting senses.

Another behavior that you might see your cat exhibit is his fondness for play. You must be able to recognize and accept this fact about your pet's natural desires so that you won't end up disappointing him which can lead to disasters. It is best to provide your pet with toys to play with. Strings or yarn balls are perfect for your feline friend since he will love chasing the string around the room.

These are just some of the most common behaviors that your cat can exhibit. Spending a lot of time with your pet will show you some very odd and unusual behaviors, however, if you are a very understanding owner who can accept the fact that cats will always be the way they are, then you will have no problems dealing with these odd behaviors. Getting to know your pet better should be first on your list because let's face it, having one in our home definitely lessens the day's stress-related worries and we owe it to them for the comfort they bring us at the end of each day. And remember, our pets also adjust to our temperaments so why not do the same thing for them and understand them better.

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