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What the Expert Looks For When Choosing a Cat For His Pet

Now that you have decided you want a cat as a pet and have chosen the type of cat you would love to have, you need to make sure you find the right cat from the right place.

When you choose that special kitten or cat, you want him to be as fit as possible. His eyes should be clear. His nose should not be runny. Run your hands gently down his back and across his hips. He should have enough flesh covering him that you do not feel his backbone and hip bones.

His coat should feel clean. If your cat is a shorthair, his coat should lie flat and not be dull and open, and if he is a longhaired cat, it should be full bodies and not dry. He should not have bad breath and ideally should have no odor. In a kitten, especially, lightly finger his stomach to make sure it is not distended or out of proportion to the rest of his body.

When handling a strange kitten or cat, do not pick him up and hold him in the air. This often frightens him and he will react by crying and trying to escape. Stoop down to his level and place him on your lap to examine him.

Kittens and cats can be found abandoned and hiding under cats or bushes. They can be acquired from local animal shelters or by contacting cat rescue groups. These sources, however, will not be able to provide you with details of the cat's parents, ancestors, or any possible hereditary defects.

Local newspapers and notices on veterinarians' bulletin boards may also list available kittens and cats. Pet stores are another source. Before purchasing a kitten or cat, be sure to check that he is fit and healthy. Do not forget to take a peek inside his ears to make sure he does not have ear mites.

If the house or the litter pans are not clean, then the chances are high the kitten will not be clean either.

Be sure to receive a record of your kitten's vaccinations. If you are acquiring a pedigreed cat for breeding, you will need his pedigree and registration certificates as well.

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