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What Removes Cat Urine Odors From Clothes, Fabric and Carpets

We all love our cats - but it can be very aggravating when they pee on our clothes, or on the carpet. So what can we do to remove these cat urine odors? The simplest solution is to use a commercial enzymatic cleaner. You can buy these anywhere. The best of these cleaners specifically target cat urine. They forcibly remove the chemicals in the cat urine which bond to your clothes and carpets.

Many cat owners recommend using Nature's Miracle to remove cat urine. It normally comes in a white bottle with red lettering and a red cap. All you need to do is follow the directions on the bottle and the smell of cat urine will soon be gone. You should be able to find this cleaner at Petsmart, Target or WalMart. You should also be able to find it in your local pet shop, together with all the other things for litter training your cat.

If you are trying to remove cat urine from your carpet, you should get a blacklight as well. Nature's Miracle isn't exactly cheap, and you may need several applications to get rid of the smell. With the blacklight, you can see just the affected spots on your carpet, so you do not need to clean the whole carpet. Turn it on in complete darkness, and you will see new stains glow yellow, and old stains glow green.

Cat lovers on a very tight budget may need to rely on cheap powdered carpet fresheners. Just sprinkle it over your carpet and leave it for a few days, then vacuum it off. Unfortunately, this does not remove the odor, but only covers it up. You will need to choose a scent you like, and may need to repeat the process a few times.

For those of you who bleach your clothes, you may want to check what is inside your bleach. Make sure it does not contain ammonia. This is the same stuff that is inside cat urine, and can attract your cats to pee on your clothes. Just switch over to a different brand which uses a different active ingredient.

You will also want to keep your cats away from your clothes. Most cats do not like the smell of lemon or mothballs. So washing your clothes with a lemon-scented detergent, or using a lemon-scented fabric softener should also help to prevent your cats from urinating on your clothes.

Does your cat just urinate somewhere nearby your closet, and the smell gets in to permeate your clothes? You may want to try spraying a commercial cat repellant around your closet to keep your cats away. You should be able to buy these chemicals at your local pet shop. Another alternative is to regularly wash the floor around your closet with a strong lemon-scented detergent.

With this two pronged approach - removing cat urine odors and keeping your cats away from your clothes - you will once again have clean and fresh smelling clothes.

However, just removing cat urine from your clothes and carpets is not enough. Prevention is better than cure - the best long-term solution is to litter train your cats.

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