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When Can a Cat Get Pregnant?

It is not easy to answer the question "When can a cat get pregnant?" if you are referring to the minimum age. The majority of cats will be sexually mature at around six months and so will be able to conceive from this point. Some, however, do not have their first cycle until they are a year old. You will find that the timing will vary from breed to breed. If you have a pure bred cat you will be able to get information from the relevant society so that you will be forewarned. For example, Persian cats have their first heat cycle much later than some other breeds.

The best advice is to assume that your cat will be an early starter and, unless you are an experienced breeder, have her spayed whilst she is still young. Your kitten will need to have started her first heat cycle to become pregnant and the signs that this is happening are usually quite clear. You will probably find that she will start rubbing against your legs more than usual and some have a habit of rolling around from side to side. They can become quite noisy in some cases, with lots of meows and sometimes an unusual yowl. Even if your cat is usually quite noisy, you will still notice an increase. It is from this point on when a cat can get pregnant.

Most cats will have a breeding season. This is dependent upon where you live as it is regulated by the amount of daylight hours. Cats in the northern hemisphere will have a breeding season that will approximately cover February through to September. This, however, is only a rough guide. Some cats will continue in a breeding season all year round, particularly those that live inside. If they are not out in the open very much they will not be so controlled by natural light and a false continuous cycle may be triggered. If you are needing to know "When can a cat get pregnant?" regarding specific times of the year, then unfortunately there is no certain way of telling and you must assume that your cat is able to conceive throughout all seasons.

There are some surprising facts regarding when a cat can get pregnant. Do not think that because your cat is nursing she will be safe from pregnancy. Kittens take just two months to become fully weaned. After this time Mum may carry on nursing them but this is not necessary. A cat that has just had kittens can become pregnant before she has finished weaning her previous litter. She can become pregnant almost immediately. If you going to have your cat spayed after her first litter, you must wait until she has weaned the kittens but make sure that you keep her away from male un-neutered cats during this time to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Sexually mature cats are nearly always fertile and able to become pregnant. Even an older cat can still conceive. They do become less fertile with age, but pregnancy in an older cat cannot be dismissed.

So, in answer to the question "When can a cat get pregnant?" ... pretty much anytime!

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