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Where Do I Put the Litter Box?

We recently moved from a house into an apartment. We took Rosie, our beloved alley cat, with us. In the house, the utility room served as a fine place for Rosie's litter box. But I'm struggling to figure out where to put the litter box in the new apartment - there is no utility room. Do I put it in the bathroom? The thought of sitting on the can looking at drying cat droppings turns me off. Should it go in the kitchen?

I've seen cat boxes in people's kitchens, and I remember thinking how disgusting that was. Yuck!! So I put it in my daughter's bedroom - after all, it is her cat. That idea lasted half of a day - until my daughter got home from school. Then we had a major meltdown. My daughter suggested my bedroom, but I really don't want the smell in there, nor do I want to be walking in my bare feet through the litter the cat tosses out onto the floor. Surely there are other cat owners who live in apartments. What do they do? I asked some of my new neighbors. One of them suggested a wonderful solution.

It's a large plastic model house that covers and disguises the litter box. It has a door in front for Rosie to go in and out. She seems to appreciate the privacy. It is actually somewhat attractive - attractive enough to put it in a corner of the living room. The manufacturer calls it the "Litter House".

Hank Snedeker

You can check out the "Litter House" at []

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