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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Have you ever longed for to be a feline since they sleep most of their lives away? In fact, an eight-year-old kitty has only been awake for three of those years. Why does cat behavior involve so much sleeping?

Kitties actually have two types of sleep. One is what is commonly referred to as the cat nap where the animal can awaken easily. This sleep type allowed felines in the wild to wake up quickly if a threatening situation developed.

The other type is the deep sleep similar to human slumber. Cats dream during their deep sleep. You may sometimes see tails flicking or hear small meows as the kitty dreams of chasing that mouse. Their eyes may move rapidly while closed as they are in the REM stage of sleep.The deep sleep phase only lasts for a few hours every day. The rest of the time the feline is sleeping is made up of cat naps.

Felines enjoy snoozing in high places. Then, they have a better view of everything going on around them. Laying in sunny spots or soft, cozy places like your bed are also kitty favorites.

The main reason that felines sleep so much is because in the wild, they had to be able to chase prey which involves short bursts of tremendous energy expenditure. A kitty had to be well-rested in order to have enough strength to catch dinner. Since most cats do not have to provide their own meals these days, many are overweight.

If you notice a major change in your kitty's sleeping habits, a veterinary exam is in order. Certain illnesses can disrupt sleep, and you will want to treat any medical condition as soon as possible.

Whenever you get jealous of your pet's lazy lifestyle, remember that he or she is genetically wired to sleep away most of the day. Continual sleeping is just normal cat behavior.

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