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Why Feed Your Cat Raw Cat Food?

So, why should you consider feeding your cat raw cat food? Well, first of all, it is healthier for your cat. When you cook food, natural enzymes are destroyed. Food naturally has enzymes in it that your cats body needs for digestion. When your cat´s food is cooked, these natural enzymes are destroyed.

Like humans, a cat´s body has the ability to produce enzymes, but its liver and other organs must work harder to produce the enzymes that are destroyed in cooking. Sweet food naturally contains an enzyme called amylase for digesting sugars. There are other enzymes contained in raw food for digesting fats called lipase.

When cat food is cooked, these natural enzymes are destroyed, leaving the food devoid of nutritional value. It has also been shown that many vitamins are also destroyed during cooking.

Cats have been adapted to eating raw food for thousands of years in the wild. There digestive systems work best with raw food. Humans introduce an unnatural element into a cats diet by cooking their food as if a cat were human. On that note, humans can also benefit greatly from a raw food diet.

Raw cat food can be prepared at home using ingredients that you can easily buy from the store. It only takes a few minutes each day and will be better for the health of your cat. If you don´t have the time to prepare raw cat food for your cat each day, consider buying a variety of raw cat food.

Joseph Sawvel

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