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Winning Tactics For Recognizing Feline Urinary Tract Infection

By the time you finish reading this; hopefully you will have some winning tactics for recognizing feline urinary tract infection. If your cat has been sick before, hopefully the vet has given you some ideas already. If your kitty has never had an infection, it is still a good idea to be proactive and prevent illness before it happens. Unfortunately, this malady is not rare, and it can totally ruin a loving and companionable relationship.

Before you ever understand what is going on, your cat will probably exhibit disagreeable behavior, if he or she has a feline urinary tract infection. Unfortunately, the first reaction of some pet owners is to punish first and ask questions later. Your kitty cannot tell you when something hurts. Hopefully, with better understanding of the symptoms, you will get to the vet and get medication before it becomes unbearable for both of you.

If you pet has a cat urinary tract infection, chances are these symptoms will become very apparent:

  • Urinating outside of the box
  • Going potty a dozen times a day
  • Straining to go potty
  • Licking the opening often
  • Lethargy

Urinating outside of the box goes against cat nature to be clean. Therefore, if he or she is making messes on the carpet, furniture, or even the bathroom sink, do not get mad, go to the vet. The behavior is call for help. Your pet is probably suffering from a feline urinary tract infection, and has no way to understand the litter box is not responsible for the pain.

If your kitty still manages to make it to the litter box, but the visits are becoming absurdly frequent, it is time to get him or her checked out. If you delay, it is likely the box will soon become associated with pain. Then, not only will your cat be suffering longer, but you will be cleaning up a lot of messes and probably losing patience with your furry friend. Both are classic symptoms of urinary tract infection.

Hopefully, before behavior gets out of control, you will notice that your cat is straining to go potty. Unlike defecation, it should be quick and simple to eliminate. If not, something is definitely wrong. If it is not a cat urinary tract infection, it can be something even more threatening to the health of your pet. So, it is imperative to seek medical help right away.

Maybe your kitty has not gotten to the point of exhibiting the other symptoms, but is licking the opening often. Although cats are notoriously clean, this is not normal behavior and can be a sign of a feline urinary tract infection. Again, it is time to go to the vet.

Finally, although cats are known to sleep many hours of the day, lethargy and loss of appetite is often a symptom of illness. No kitty can resist chasing a string, cuddling, or purring when being petted. However, if pain has become a constant, it may be another sign of having an infection.

Do yourself a favor and take your pet to the vet right away if you suspect a feline urinary tract infection. Delaying can mean unnecessary pain for your cat, in addition to ruining a companionable relationship, when kitty starts to eliminate all over the house. Recognition and quick action will make you both happier.

Tina Matsunaga is a freelance writer for home-based businesses, Internet marketers, and professionals around the world. She enjoys working at home while raising 2 children. She holds a BA in English and secondary education from Regis University.

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