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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Feline Bladder Stones

Let's face it. Feline bladder stones are painful for your cat and can be expensive to get treatment for unless you do something about them quickly. Instead of waiting until your cat gets sick to do something, why not make prevention of bladder stones and maintenance of urinary tract and bladder health a regular part of your cat's routine? Preventing cat bladder stones is easier than you think. Here are 5 ways to get started.

1. Make sure to give your cat plenty of water to drink. A cat water fountain bowl can be helpful in this regard. However, you can't force your cat to drink water so you could try soaking his food in water or broth.

Water is helpful in preventing feline bladder stones because it keeps the urine from thickening. Thick urine can make it easier for minerals in the urine to crystallize and form stones in your cat's bladder.

2. It's not just about the quantity of water you give your cat; it's also about the quality. Tap water contains contaminants that can negatively affect your cat's bladder health. To help your cat flush out harmful toxins from his bladder and urinary tract, give him fresh, filtered water.

3. Preventing cat bladder stones is easy if you give make sure your cat's diet is optimal. Avoid feeding your cat commercial food, which often contains artificial ingredients like preservatives, food coloring, and flavoring.

These chemical ingredients can weaken your cat's immune system hence lessen his ability to fight off infection. Instead, give your cat a diet full of raw, unprocessed, and home cooked foods in order to promote good health and well being.

4. Give your cat cranberry juice to prevent feline bladder stones. Cranberry juice acidifies the urine, making it difficult for bladder stones to form. Furthermore, cranberry juice prevents urinary infections because it keeps bacteria from adhering to bladder lining.

5. Give your cat a homeopathic remedy for preventing cat bladder stones. Homeopathic remedies contain minute doses of plant-based ingredients that aid the body in healing its self. Homeopathic remedies restore balance at a cellular level and improve overall health and body functioning by taking a holistic healing approach.

Look for homeopathic remedies that contain ingredients like uva ursi, cantharis, and berberis vulgaris. Uva ursi is a well-known urinary tonic that helps to maintain normal pH levels in the urinary tract. Cantharis maintains a healthy flow of urine and soothes the bladder. Berberis vulgaris has a restorative effect on the bladder and urinary tract.

For optimal results in preventing bladder stones, give your cat two doses of a homeopathic remedy per day. If your cat gets bladder stones, you can also use a homeopathic remedy for fast treatment by giving him up to six doses per day.

Your next step? Take this information and use it as a guide to administer preventive treatment for your cat. Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to feline bladder stones. To prevent your cat from suffering unnecessarily and to help him maintain optimal bladder health, make sure to follow these simple tips.

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