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5 Possible Reasons Why Your Cat is Urinating in the House

Are you sick and tired of your cat urinating in house? Don't get mad at your cat for doing it. He could be ill, in pain, suffering from a urinary blockage, dealing with incontinence due to old age, or simply have behavior problems.

Why is my cat urinating in house? There are many reasons why it happens so you have to know what symptoms and signs to look out for to figure out the cause of the problem. Here are 5 possible reasons.

1. Behavior problems may be the reason why you see your cat urinating in house. More male cats are territorial and pee in inappropriate areas. Inappropriate urination in cat behavior is also known as spraying, or marking.

Male and female cats urinate on vertical and horizontal surfaces to mark their territory and to communicate their availability to each other with pheromones. Stress and overcrowding of the house may be the underlying cause.

Spraying is more common in households with multiple pets. It can be cured if you neuter your cat early or castrate him since unneutered male cats most commonly spray. Behavior consultation with a professional animal trainer may be necessary as well.

2. Why is my cat urinating in house? A urinary blockage due to the accumulation of crystals and mucous in the urinary tract may be the problem. Often blockages prevent your cat from being able to urinate at all but sometimes the bladder gets so full that the pee leaks around the blockage due to the pressure.

Kidney stones can also cause the same problem. You may notice that the smell of your cat's urine is pretty foul due to an accompanying bacterial infection. In order to help your cat achieve permanent recovery and good health, treat stones by dissolving them with a homeopathic remedy.

3. A disease may be the underlying cause if you notice your cat urinating in house. A tumor, brain and spinal cord diseases, and diabetes are some illnesses that can cause incontinence and frequent urination in cats.

Take your cat in to get a proper veterinary diagnosis. Even if a serious disease is the cause of your cat's urinary problems, give him a homeopathic remedy to help him heal and to strengthen his immune system.

4. Why is my cat urinating in house? Generally when cats urinate outside of their litter boxes, it is because it is painful for them to urinate and they associate that pain with their litter box. A feline urinary tract infection is usually the cause.

If your cat's urine smells foul, there is blood in your cat's urine, you see your cat lick his genitals often, or your cat strains to urinate you can suspect a urinary tract infection. Help your cat heal from the infection by giving him a homeopathic remedy, plenty of water to drink, and a healthy diet full of raw, unprocessed food.

Your veterinarian may try to prescribe medication to treat the infection but an antibiotic can be harsh and often aggravate urinary infections rather than heal them.

5. If you notice your cat urinating in house, it could be due to incontinence from old age. There are medications available to tighten loosened sphincters due to old age but they are not without their harsh side effects.

Eliminating incontinence naturally is possible if you give your cat a homeopathic remedy. Have your cat examined in a veterinary clinic to rule out any diseases that could be causing your cat's incontinence.

Otherwise, make sure your cat follows a strict diet of raw, unprocessed foods and give your cat a homeopathic remedy every day.

Your next step? Take this information and use it as a guide to help you treat your cat's urinary problems. If you notice your cat urinating in house, there could be many underlying causes so it's important to pinpoint the cause with the help of a veterinarian.

After doing so, help your cat achieve recovery by giving your cat a homeopathic remedy, plenty of fresh water to drink, and a healthy diet. By doing so your cat will be much healthier and happier and you will prevent your house from becoming one giant litter box.

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