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What Can Cause Cat Urinating Problems and What You Can Do About It

Is your cat acting strange? Is he urinating outside of his litter box or urinating more or less frequently than usual? A cat urination problem can usually be resolved quickly and if left untreated it can become life-threatening so immediate action is necessary.

Cat urinating problems can be health-related or behavioral in nature. Take your cat to the vet if you haven't already to determine what the cause is. If your cat doesn't have an infection or any other health condition, he may have a behavioral problem.

Behavioral problems such as marking can happen if your cat is in heat or if he is under stress. Alleviate stress in your cat's life by avoiding leaving him at home alone and spend quality time with him each day. If your cat is not neutered or spayed, make sure you get that done as well.

A cat urination problem could even be caused by the simple fact that your cat's litter box is dirty. Some cats even avoid litter boxes that have been used just once. Your cat may also be particular about the type of litter used.

De-clawing a cat makes him more likely to have cat urinating problems since claws are their only defense mechanism. They in turn become more territorial and defensive when their claws are removed.

Common health problems that can cause a cat urination problem include urinary tract infection and bladder stones. These problems can be easily alleviated if you take your cat to the vet.

Urinary tract infections and stones are chronic problems so you need to make sure you use preventive treatment. Stones will have to be dissolved with special treatment by the vet but you can prevent their recurrence by giving your cat a homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic remedies aim at curing your cat's urinary problems rather than just treating them. Your cat's bladder will be healthier and his urine will flow freely if you give him a homeopathic remedy twice a day that contains urinary tonics such as uva ursi and cantharis.

Unlike herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies are side effect free. They contain only minute traces of natural ingredients that aid your cat's natural healing abilities.

Homeopathy operates on the "like treats like" principle, which means a small amount of an ingredient that would cause the symptoms of UTI in a healthy cat are used to actually get rid of UTI in an infected cat.

To get rid of a cat urination problem, you first have to determine if the cause is medical or behavioral. After doing so, you can help your cat achieve optimal health by treating the problem and making prevention a part of his daily routine with homeopathy.

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