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Cat Enclosures - Treat Your Indoor Cat to the Outdoors

You may want to keep your kitty indoors for safety reasons especially after you see the statistics on outdoor cats' death rates, but everyone and everything needs some fresh air once and a while. So why not invest in something to let your cat enjoy the outdoors regularly and safely.

Sure you could go out with her and supervise, but cat enclosures make this process so much easier. And they come in such a variety of shapes and sizes you can us one on a deck or patio, in the yard or just attached to your apartment window.

Yes there are portable, fence like kennels that can be used for cats. Some can be attached to each other to create a large space for your kitty to run and play, and with the included hammocks and shelves there is plenty of space for lounging as well. These mesh cat enclosures set up quickly and offer a safe environment for your cat to enjoy the fresh air, watch the birds and soak up the sun. Both you and your cat will be happy. And you can even attach it to a cat door so your kitty can have secure, outdoor access any time she wants.

You can place one in the yard, by the pool or even in the home if you want a safe and fun place for your cat to be while you are not home. Simply place a litter box in the privacy section and don't forget their food and water bowls and they will be content. Yes, cat enclosures can help both you and your cat. Your cat gets a fun place to play and get exercise and you get piece of mind knowing where she is at all times.

If you want you can even create a carnival for your cat and some of her friends with a carousel and Ferris wheel shaped enclosures complete with colorful bell-topped flags on top that are purr-fect cat toys. You and your cat can easily enjoy the outdoors together worry-free.

If you feel a cat enclosure is not for you there are other options. First you need to equip your cat with a collar with ID. Then you can simply walk with a leash around the neighborhood. Or invest in an in-ground fence for cats to keep her in the yard. If you have a regular fence you will need to make sure she cannot jump out. A fence needs to be quite tall to keep your cat in the yard, but wire mesh hung at a 45-degree angle along the top is quite effective at limiting escapes.

So no matter what you decide to invest in whether it is a fancy cat enclosure or just a simple collar and leash; it is worth it to share the outdoors with your kitty. No longer will she stare longingly out the window at the birds she wants to play with or the yard she wants to explore. Now she can enjoy it whenever she or you want.

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of a wide variety of online specialty shops including that offer both items and information on pets. Whether it is pet supplies for your dog, or even your cat furniture for your cat, there are many tips you can use to help you make your home a better place for your pet.

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