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You Can Train a Dog But Can You Train a Cat?

Now there has been an age old debate about which is smarter cats or dogs. Proponents of cat intelligence being superior use anything and everything at hand to prove their point. According to them a cat is elusive and independent because they are so intelligent. Intelligent enough that they just use you and when they do play with you and show you affection it is always with an ulterior motive. You simply need to remember Morris the cat or be a Garfield fan to see this.

Dogs, on the other hand can be trained to rollover, play dead, sit, fetch, stay, play Frisbee, play with the ball, and do all kinds of other amazing things. Just look at Lassie, Rin Tin Tin or the Doberman Gang. Another strong argument for the dog is the pet shows and home video shows on TV. There are bunches of other amazing dogs that do tricks in the movies and on TV. I don't recall any trick cats.

Then you've got trained police dogs, seeing-eye dogs, and personal assistant dogs for people with disabilities... service animals, but I've never seen a service cat. Knowing all of this, I had always been on the side of the dog being the more intelligent pet; they can be trained! But now... I'm split at best, because....

You can train a cat. You can train a cat to do all kinds of amazing tricks and not only that; you can train a cat to obey your commands. I did not believe it but now I know it to be true. Daniel Stevens and his good folks have a training course designed especially for cats. Your friends and family will be amazed. Heck, you will be amazed; I was. I've always thought of cats as un-trainable. But it's simply not true... you can train a cat.

The only disadvantage to this that I can see is that it gives the proponents of cats having a greater intelligence than dogs way more ammunition. And the debate rages on because both are trainable.

I'm Rusty. I love pets; dogs and cats are great. But as much as you love them you want them to be well behaved. As intelligent as pets are, they seem more intelligent if they listen to you. If you want to know more about how to get the most out of your kitty cat friend this is a great resource!

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