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Cat Fleas - The Most Common Type of Flea to Infest Your Pets

Cat fleas are the most common type of flea to infest homes. While their primary target is felines, the cat flea will also target dogs, as well as people. As such, these fleas should be killed upon discovery, as they can cause disease, as well as great discomfort to your animals.

Cat fleas are small insects that are known to be excellent jumpers. They breed in the fur of cats and dogs, feeding and nesting on the host. This can cause discomfort, as well as promote the development of allergies in the host or in humans. These allergies can transform an irritating bite into a severe problem. While their primary target is cats, they will accept whatever meals that they can get, which makes them a dangerous pest to have in your home.

There are several ways to cope with cat fleas. The most common treatments include putting your pet on Advantage or Front Line, in combination with flea baths to remove the fleas that have already taken hold on your pet. As these fleas can leave a black, chunky residue on fur or in hair, it is vital that they are removed for sanitary and aesthetic reasons.

If you are suffering from a several infestation of cat fleas, there are several things that you can do. First, you can treat your pets, dehumidify your home and place repellents against fleas in your home. These are all protective measures that should help ease the number of fleas that enter your home. Once you have blocked more fleas from entry, you can take more drastic measures at removing the fleas that are already there.

One of the quickest, but more toxic methods of removing fleas is through sprays and flea foggers. These products take time to set up, but are extremely effective at killing flea populations. Flea food traps, which poison the fleas and prevent them from breeding, are also popular, as they can be hidden away. These traps are very similar to bug traps. The downside to these traps is that it takes a great deal of time for the infestation to go away, unlike flea foggers.

If you are being bitten by cat fleas, you may want to consult your doctor. As fleas are disease carriers, you should be wary of any symptoms that occur after flea bites. If you suspect you have been diseased by fleas, treatment by your doctor can help reduce the discomfort and long term effects of the flea bite.

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