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British Short Hair

British short hair cats are one of the oldest English breeds of cats and their ancestry can be traced back to Rome. This breed was first known for its hunting ability due to its physical strength. However, this breed is equally recognized for its calm demeanor and loyalty. The British short hair has a short plush coat that is very soft and easy to groom. These cats are larger in size and they prefer to stay on the ground. They make great family pets and are very loyal companions. The original colour of these cats was a grayish blue now you can find these lovable animals in a variety of colours.


Birman cats are believed to have originated in Burma and they were considered sacred animals and belonged to the high priests. It is believed that this breed was established in the Western world around 1925. These cats are lovable companions and have very distinctive markings.

Birman cats are usually large long and stocky. They have long silky hair but it is not as thick as the Persian cat and does not matt easily. Their coat is usually light in colour with a golden cast. The points on the face, legs and tail are darker and are similar to the Siamese. They have big broad blue eyes and a strong looking face. The one distinctive thing about the Birman cat that makes them stand out from the others is their very distinctive white feet. These cats have great personalities which make them good family pets and companions.


Burmese cats get their distinctive colors from selective breeding to Siamese cats. They come in a variety of different colours including stable, champagne, blue and platinum. Their coats are very short and have a silk-like texture which means they need little grooming. Burmese cats are compact and have rounder heads and large expressive eyes.

These cats are quite lively and like to play even when they are adults. Burmese cats are very intelligent and they each seem to have their own distinct personality. Some people say they have dog-like tendencies because they like to shadow their owner and have a desire to give and receive affection. They love to be around people and are great companions.

Persian Long Hair

Persians were named for the country they originated in and their heritage is said to be traced back to 1600 B.C. but no one knows their exact beginnings. They have long flowing coats and very distinctive faces which make them a very popular breed. Persians are sweet and gentle and fit well in any family. They have short heavy legs to support their broad short bodies and like to have their feet firmly planted on the ground. They are not into climbing and jumping. They can be playful but like to lounge around in their favourite chair or a window.

Persians should be kept indoors due to their long flowing coats. They are high maintenance as far as grooming is concerned. They need to be combed daily to eliminate tangles and hairballs. When most people think of the Persian cat they think of the colour white but actually Persians come in and array of colors including solid colors,, tabby and bicolor.

These cats can easily live to be 20 years old with proper care and annual visits to the veterinarian. They are beautiful cats to look at and their gentle nature also makes them ideal for any type of family. These are just a few of the more popular breeds that work well with families. There are many more types of purebred cats that are just as friendly and popular as those mentioned above including the Manx and the Siamese cat. Purebred cats can be expensive and you need to make sure that they had the proper nutrition and are kept healthy. This can be done by keeping them indoors and taking them annually to your veterinarian. To make sure your purebred cat stays healthy and will enjoy a long life, you should consider buying cat insurance in case their will be unforeseen medical expenses in the years to come. You have health insurance on the rest of your family and for peace of mind you might want to get pet insurance for your feline companion.

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