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Cat Behavior

We love our cats but when they go and pee on the carpet that can tend to make our blood pressure to go up a bit. Cats are independent, smart and some may think you don't train cats like you can with dogs. Any animal can be trained.

Problems of cat behavior is one of the most common reasons why cat owners give away their cats to shelters. A couple of reasons is aggression in cats and litter box problems. Many cat owners reach a point where they think they have tried everything and think it is time to give them up.

Stress can lead to additional cat behavior problems, such as depression or litter box avoidance. Take your cat to the vet and make sure his health is ok. If it is then take a look at the cat's environment, it could be making a stressful situation for him.

Some aggressive cat traits and characteristics include: hissing at other cats or humans, scratching or swatting, pouncing upon other pets or humans. This might show that your cat may have some trust issues. With patience, space and lots of love, you can help your cat out.

You cat may not know if you let him up on the table while writing a letter to a friend then when it is time to eat you want him down. He will think it is alright to do it anytime and will be confused about the rules and not know what to do. Don't let him up there at all!

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