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How to Tell If Your Cat Has Bronchi-Pneumonia

The pneumonia in the cat, like that in the dog, is a bronchi-pneumonia, or a pneumonia due to filling up of isolated little lobes in the lung of the animal, and differs from the ordinary pneumonia of man and the horse, in which latter the inflammation invades a whole lobe of the lung. In bronchi-pneumonia there is more fever than in simple bronchitis.

The constitutional symptoms and debility of the animal are more marked, with usually a total loss of appetite. In addition to the a mucus respiratory sound characterized by fine crackles which are heard in bronchitis, you have a hissing, whistling, or sounds of more or less sharpness, like those of a whistle, which are due to the hepatization (a state of the lungs when gorged with effused matter, so that they are no longer pervious to the air) or filled-up lobes pressing upon and compressing the air-tubes which lead to lobes of sound lung-tissue.

Bronchi-pneumonia in the cat may also be caused by the presence of parasites lodged in the lung tissue and an irritation producing an effusion and filling the air spaces. This form of bronchi-pneumonia at the outset resembles in its symptoms an ordinary bronchi-pneumonia either by the detection of the parasite in the discharge which the animal coughs up, or by the fact that the bronchi-pneumonia does not run its regular course, but gets better in a few days, or gets decidedly worse. with more lung-tissue filling up : and that it assumes a chronic form, with the local symptoms of a hissing, whistling sounds, unchanged in size and location, accompanied by the absence of the severe constitutional symptoms.

In the beginning of bronchi-pneumonia the same treatment can be used as for colds and bronchitis. The cat should be placed in a quiet, darkened corner, and be protected from drafts. It should not have food forced upon it, although it should have a small saucer of water, in which can be placed a little bicarbonate of soda and a small saucer of fresh milk, which it can take if it wants. It is better to place only a small quantity of milk at a time, as the owner can then judge how much the cat is taking, and there is no chance of the milk souring.

Giving your cat healthy safe cat food and supplements that is rich in the additional nutrients your cat may need to meet his or her unique requirements will help with a depress immune system. Humidity is wonderful for easing congestion and will help to improve their breathing.

You can use a humidifier or put your cat in the bath room with the shower running hot water. If the problem seem to be getting worse the best thing would be to consult your Veterinarian.

This information is intended as an informational guide only. This is not to be substituted for professional veterinarian care. Always ask your Veterinarian for advice and have them explain why they have chosen that treatment and what the side affects are.

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