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7 Signs of Cat Urinary Infection

It's unbelievable how many cats suffer unnecessarily from cat urinary infection. When spotted quickly, this infection can be treated easily and effectively at home. If you wait too long, the infection can travel up the kidneys and become fatal. That's why it's important to be able to spot infections early. Here are 7 signs of feline urinary infection that you should keep an eye out for.

1. Is your cat urinating more or less frequently than usual? This is often the first sign of urinary problems. You have to keep tabs on your cat's behavior because these problems often creep up unexpectedly.

Most cats have a high tolerance for pain so you may not notice any other behavior that is indicative of urinary problems. If you notice any changes in urination patterns, you should suspect an infection.

2. A urinary infection will sometimes cause your cat to act lethargic. If he is lacking energy, there could be many underlying problems but a urinary infection could be it.

Check for other signs of urinary problems as well. To strengthen your cat's immune system to fight urinary infection or any other illness, give your cat a homeopathic formula.

3. If his urine has a foul smell, then urinary problems may be the cause. Give him plenty of fresh, filtered water to drink to help flush out the harmful bacteria.

4. Is your pet having trouble urinating? Straining to urinate is a symptom of urinary problems. Also, if he tries to urinate frequently but only drops of urine come out, he may be suffering from a urinary infection.

5. If you notice your cat grooming his genitals more than usual this can be a sign of urinary problems, especially if accompanied by crying. This means he is in pain from an infection and you need to get him treated immediately. A homeopathic remedy can help to alleviate the painful symptoms.

6. Does he have a fever? Is his lower abdomen tender? This too, is a sign of a urinary infection so you need to get him treated immediately. No matter what treatment route you take, a homeopathic remedy is a safe and natural way to assist in the healing process.

7. Is your cat urinating in inappropriate places? If kitty has turned your house into a giant litter box, you can almost definitely suspect that urinary problems are the cause. Generally, painful urination from a urinary infection will make him want to urinate outside of his litter box because he starts to associate the pain of urination with the litter box.

A diet of only raw, unprocessed foods, and a homeopathic approach can go a long way to returning your pet to normalcy.

So there you have it. Cat urinary infection is highly treatable with home remedies if you spot it in time. Don't wait till he is in severe pain to react. Keep a close watch on your cat so you can quickly notice unusual behavior and do something about it. Urinary problems can be treated easily at home and by doing so you can save yourself and your pet a lot of trouble.

Jeremy R Fleming is a health advocate and has done many years of research on natural remedies as a safe and effective alternative for pet health. Find out more about safe, effective ways to maintain your pet's urinary tract health on his website at

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