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A Guide to "Why is My Cat Urinating in The House?"

Are you frustrated with the smell your cat's urine throughout the house? Don't get mad at kitty. Cats are very sensitive to numerous stresses, and there could be medical causes such as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). The symptoms of UTI or FLUTD are difficulty urinating, bloody urine, discomfort, and can also include urinating in places other than the litter box. If the cat is showing signs of discomfort or has blood in the urine take kitty to the vet.

If there are no other physical signs of illness, the following could be causes of a cat urinating in house. The following is a list of stresses for a cat but there can be many more.

o Other cats (inside or out)

o Litter box aversion

o Owner is gone

o New child or pet

o Owner was absent for a lengthy period (vacation, trip, work)

o New house

o New furniture added or moved

Litter box aversion can create urination problems for cat urinating in house because;

o The box is in a noisy area

o Does the cat associate the box with something negative?

o The actual litter material may not be to kitty's liking, try another. This often happens if the cat has been declawed as they don't like the way the litter feels on their foot pads.

o Is another pet bothering the cat while she is using the litter box?

o They may not like the smell if not changed often. Cats are very clean. My cat tries to cover an accident on the tile floor even though no litter is near.

o Is the litter box shared by more than one cat?

o Did you change litter brands? Cats do not like change much.

o Do you have a covered or open box? Try switching

o Is the cat neutered?

Try correcting any of these suggestions and if you are still asking "Why is my cat urinating in house" you may want to try an anxiety medicine or consult your vet for other options.

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