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Canned Food For Feline UTI

The benefits of a raw food diet for your feline pets have already been discussed. In brief, raw meat diets for felines, which are entirely carnivorous in the wild, help to prevent the incidence of Feline UTI. Unfortunately, cats themselves may not be able to accept this sort of diet especially if it is new to them. In such cases, canned cat food can be substituted for raw meat.

Canned food for pets contains more moisture, and in this sense it is similar to raw food. You may have noticed that your pet cat does not need half as much water as your dog does every day. This is because cats do not normally lap up water, as do dogs.

Canned food, therefore, helps by upping the liquid content of the cat's diet, which in turn helps in speeding up digestion, aids in the flushing out of toxins and smaller crystals before they can cause problems, and improves immunity to UTI.

Vets may recommend that cats that have suffered feline urinary tract infections be fed exclusively on canned food. This will help in preventing a recurrence of the infection.

If you have never purchased canned cat food before, it is worthwhile pausing to look at the large number of alternatives that are available and choosing one that suits your cat's needs, as well one that will be effective in helping prevent UTIs.

Here's a look at some of the choices:

Meat - Always assess this when first looking at the list of ingredients on a can. All felines are pure carnivores and meat is the food that their bodies can process and use the best.. Thus, chicken meal, meat by-products, and similar products are not the best kind of food for your cat. Instead, examine the pet food section in your store for canned foods that contain a higher proportion of pure protein such as beef, lamb, chicken, duck, rabbit, and turkey. Fish can be suspect as experts feel that seafood can contribute to the problem of feline UTI. So it is perhaps to go for these only occasionally, or avoid them altogether.

Cereals - Wheat and rice can be present in the canned food that you choose providing they are in the unrefined brown form, and do not form the highest proportion out of all other ingredients.

Amino Acids and Minerals: Of all the additives that may be present in canned food, DL-Methionine is one that works to preserve the health of the kidneys. This is an amino acid that works to keep the pH balance of urine between 6.0 and 6.8. If this is not one of the ingredients, buy it in powdered form and add it separately to the food. Magnesium should be present only in very small amounts; 0.025-1.0 per cent is acceptable.

Berries and vegetables: These promote urinary tract health, especially cranberries, blueberries, corn and carrots. They can also present in small proportions as they provide add fibre to the diet.

Remember to ask your vet for advice if you need it. Cats will not tolerate a radical changeover, so alter diets carefully and gradually.

Janet Markowitz has been a German Shepherd Breeder for over 20 years. She has always been interested in using natural and holistic remedies for her Shepherds whenever possible. She has found that by using natural Remedies in conjunction with conventional medicine, she has achieved great success in the health and longevity in her dogs.

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