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How to Cure Cat Urinating Issues

Let's face it. Cat urinating issues can be as frustrating for you as they are uncomfortable for your cat. If your cat's diet is unhealthy, your cat doesn't drink enough water, or your cat is ill, he may have problems with urinary infections.

If you notice your cat not urinating or you notice more frequent urination than usual, these are some of the first signs of urinary problems. Also, if cat urine smells foul it could also signify that a cat has a bacterial infection. Keep an eye on your cat's behavior and urine smell so you can spot changes.

The first step you need to take in order to cure cat urinating issues is to take your cat to a veterinarian to get some tests done. The vet can determine whether the problem is due to old age, a disease, etc. If your cat is ill, immediate treatment will probably be necessary.

Sometimes behavioral issues can cause problems with a cat urinating in inappropriate areas such as the carpet or kitchen, as when cats spray their territory.

In the case that behavioral issues are causing your cat's urinary problems, some training to change the behavioral problem will be necessary so your cat doesn't urinate outside of his litter box. Even the scent of other cats or people can make your cat territorial.

If you notice your cat not urinating, it is most likely due to infection or a blockage. Blockages are more common in neutered male cats and occur due to an accumulation of crystals and mucous.

Infections are more common in female cats because they have shorter ureters, making it easy for bacteria to travel up the urinary tract.

No matter what the cause of the particular cat urinating issues, make sure to give your cat plenty of water to drink because dehydration can aggravate the problem.

Furthermore, when you give your cat fresh, filtered water to drink, it helps to flush out the harmful toxins. Make sure your cat's water dish is always full and soak his food in water or broth.

Make sure to always leave the door open to where your cat's litter box is so he doesn't ever hold his urine in. Holding it in for too long can cause infections.

When you notice your cat not urinating, you have to heal the problem through feeding him healthy food and giving him a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies are 100% natural and side effect free. For optimal results, give them to your cat every day.

A homeopathic remedy maintains your cat's urinary tract health, bladder health, and good urine flow. As an added benefit, it also helps to strengthen your cat's immune system to ward off infection.

Even before your notice that your cat is having difficulty with urination, you should feed him a diet of raw, unprocessed, and home cooked food. Commercial animal food contains too much magnesium, which alters the pH level of the urine and makes it easier for bacteria to flourish in the urinary tract.

In conclusion, the best way to deal with cat urinating issues is through natural treatment. Unlike conventional treatment with medication, natural treatment through diet and homeopathy actually gets to the root of the problem.

For optimal feline urinary tract health and disease prevention, give your cat a homeopathic remedy, healthy food, and plenty of fresh water to drink. Believe me. Cat urinating issues will become a thing of the past.

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